Rosy poetry

Miles Seiden
1 min readFeb 6, 2023

A bouquet of 12 haikus in advance of Valentine’s

Blended rose in pen and colored pencil, by the author

Arising roses’
aromas roam nostril roads,
scenting cilia

Meaning has mated
the genius genus Rosa
to human romance

Bloom, not blush, young bud
Beware the prickly stickler,
fixed and flowerless

Gently, the gard’ner
showers each showy flower
with hose hydration

All praise to Persia
for your gold rosy posy
present to the world

On the matter of
attar, oil of the petal —
Absolute essence

Angel City bathes
rose-bound floats, bowls, gardens and
homes in heaven’s scent

Sow so love may grow
from never-ceding seeds and
no-way wilting will

Scottish Rose Leslie
brought grit to wildling Ygritte
and taught Snow to know

Glory be, rosary,
creed-beaded lifeline of love,
prayer and mystery

Esoteric truths
yield concealed universal,
alchemic order

Divine art depicts
Venus, Isis and Mary’s
still sanguine symbol



Miles Seiden

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