Room to Breathe

Miles Seiden
2 min readMay 31, 2020

George Floyd said, “It’s my face, man”
captured as his pleas began
on the ground
pinned and bound
with a filming crowd around

His crime was “…nothing serious…”
the lawman, too imperious
didn’t hear
words so clear
either him or people near

Through the constant cries of “please,”
neck held down, oppressed by knees
it’s enough
of the rough
kills must stop — hear our rebuff!

Will “…somebody…” help to end
this putrid, tiring, racist trend
Martin, Garner,
Arbery, Floyd
ripped from life, family destroyed

“Just get up” and let them be
held in kindness, mercy me
it’s not a sin
to have black skin
all that counts is what’s within

This gentle man, who asked for “mama”
called him “sir” despite the trauma
said he hurt
in the dirt
only minutes more alert

Protests followed from the pain
another death along the chain
will it end?
can we mend?
have to equal to transcend

Rage is real, though some dilute
using it to torch and loot
not so great
to escalate
co-existence screams — abate!

‘Mid the chaos in the land
images of helping hands
in compassion
not undone
officers and civs as one

Everybody pause — inhale
recognize that life is frail
in and out
can’t live without
the lifeforce breathing brings about

Here we are, unrest again
this conflict cycle needs to end
though we seethe
let’s keep it sheathed
so no one dies with “I can’t breathe”



Miles Seiden

A (com)passionate creative consultant for visionary organizations. Poetry, stories, opinions and wordplay for a brighter today.