Rhymes of repetition

Miles Seiden
2 min readAug 12, 2022


Epic nooks still exist in this scope: Epizeuxis, Epanalepsis and Diacope*

Photo by Rob Wingate on Unsplash

Anon and on we go, go, go
as far as ‘stop,’ ‘don’t,’ ‘not’ or ‘no’
For some an end and some a bend:
‘What sign’s design assigns my flow?’

E’er-scamping pained the campaign clerk
whose mudslung lungs bore muddied murk
How plumb unfair the glum warfare
‘tween weenie weeds with bids berserk

For every night is every day
forever moon forever gray
for never minding ending things
that never ended, anyway

A-blowin’ past the blow-by-blow
the bullying blowhard bulldozed Beau
who’d planted plain his planet plan
to grant the ground ‘round rounds to grow

No doubt a route to cause a bout
the landed lad had lines planned out
to sever several turfs of serfs
beset by settling ‘side his clout

Sunrise sunup ’til sunken down
the sundry country’s sunburned crown
supplies lies for a foreign tour
and mooches moola town-by-town

Do be do be do-si-do
from crooner scat to cowboy hoe
a multiverse of diverse tribes
lends blended culture quid pro quo

Epizeuxis: Repetition of the same word in succession with no intervening words
Epanalepsis: Repetition of words or phrases at the beginning and end of a clause or sentence, with intervening words
Diacope: Repetition of a word or phrase with few intervening words



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