Return of the Creatrix

Miles Seiden
2 min readDec 28, 2020

Canto One of an eight-limbed epic poem

O goddesses around the globe, take heed!
It’s with your shakti wisdom that I plead.
Too long have puffed-up patrons run the show,
Suppressing voices feminine to flow.
Since ancient days have cultures lived in sin
By treating women as a prize to win.
The time is now for yin to balance yang,
Relieving messes made by excess fang.

This era, full of crises that we face
Has met with more bravado than with grace.
Aggressive use of nature, money, power
Is crippling us upon the ‘leventh hour.
We don’t have time for status-seeking fools,
Confusing class for pics of yachts and jewels,
Or leaders with no sense of right or wrong,
Accelerating humankind’s swan song.

Let patriarchy crumble if it must
So Gaia’s wounds can mend, relieved of lust.
With less testosterone to drive the helm,
We might enjoy a kinder, gentler realm.
Rejoicing in the sacredness of all,
We’ll ease the ‘pulse to beat, defraud or sprawl.
That’s not to say that only women heal,
But civil discourse needs an even keel.

With invocation stated loud and clear,
I readied for the dawning of the year.
From all directions came related cries,
Aloft on winds, fatigued from all the lies.
“Arise, Kuan Yin and Eos,” they would say.
“To keep our violent tendencies at bay.
Expel the thoughts that only end in quarrel,
Like enmity and greed — let us be moral.”

We listened as the voices formed a thread,
Resounding through each valley, strait and stead.
Then suddenly, the boundless sky gave way —
A flash of light converted night to day.
All actions stopped, all beings were awake.
“What was that — maybe lightning or a quake?”
When time resumed, the people were abuzz,
Until a child discovered what it was.

Amidst the smoke that billowed from the ground,
Was seen a fearless figure, quite profound.
She wasn’t of a single time or place —
One couldn’t even guess her age or race.
She seemed to mirror every kind of trait,
And with each step, she walked a different gait.
Soon filmed and streamed for everyone to see,
She made her way to meet the family.

To be continued…



Miles Seiden

A (com)passionate creative consultant for visionary organizations. Poetry, stories, opinions and wordplay for a brighter today.