Healing the Earthly Body

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Like the human body, the earth has a natural intelligence. After an injury, and given time, it heals itself. With most humans at home, we can see this process happening in unambiguous ways. Ozone holes are closing up. Skies and waters are becoming clear. Animals are emerging from their hiding places. And so on.

The earth doesn’t need saving. It needs balance. It needs consideration. It needs kinder treatment. Most of all, going forward it needs us to be better stewards — less pollution, less violence, less noise, less overuse.

When we say we want to save the earth, what we’re really saying is that we want to save ourselves. Because we’re part of the earth. We’re not separate from it. And we’re certainly not better than it. Now that we’ve been shown how our dominance can have a devastating effect, humans have a choice to make — we can either be an integral part of the earth’s growth or an accelerator of its destruction. This moment presents an exciting opportunity to reboot our relationship.

But what do we do to save ourselves and help heal the earth? How do we avoid such tragic events as the one we are experiencing right now?

Ignoring the complexities of our current societal structures for a moment, let’s observe human nature. When we get injured or feel sick, the first thing we do is try to speed up our healing process. We focus our attention on the particular issue, noting that something has changed and it doesn’t feel right. Though we know our bodies will heal eventually, we seek out expertise to help determine the source of our suffering — and hopefully avoid prolonging it or encountering the same issue again.

If we want to ensure a less chaotic climate for our children, we must use the same process of awareness, understanding, and responsible decision-making with the earth as we do with ourselves. We already know that our actions affect the environment and evolution. When we burn down the rainforest, we destroy beings from all domains and damage the earth’s lungs. When we use pesticides to control crop growth, we also reduce populations of pollinators, which make many of our food sources possible.

Since every decision affects our interconnected earth, our best option is a simple one — treat all elements of existence with equal care and attention. Let’s keep the earth front of mind every time we launch or purchase a product, develop a building, establish a policy, or travel from one place to another. As we transition from isolation, rather than reopening earth’s old wounds, let’s take the time to make collective decisions that minimize our impact. We’ll also be minimizing our upheaval.





A (com)passionate creative and consultant for visionary organizations. Here to help unify a divided humanity and restore planetary harmony.

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Miles Seiden

Miles Seiden

A (com)passionate creative and consultant for visionary organizations. Here to help unify a divided humanity and restore planetary harmony.

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