From Me to We in ‘23

Miles Seiden
1 min readJan 2, 2023


Regarding resolutions as solutions

“Epic introspection” illustration in pen and marker on paper by author

Welcome, all, to ‘23
a year of possibility
I bid adieu to ‘22
and usher in a fresher me

This poem is a pledge, you see
declaring motives publicly
so if I stray or lose my way
there’s clear accountability

Each morning up at 6:30
I sit in silent reverie
to clear my mind of thoughts entwined
with any negative debris

Including life anxiety,
frustrations with society,
resistance, doubt and lack of clout
distorting my reality

My new attention boundary
is limiting the screen-ery
a rabbit-hole of endless scroll
that sidelines creativity

To orbit toward an apogee
I’ll publish this on my marquee:
“I make a balm called conscious comm.
infused with warm integrity”

I say this without irony
or nonsense or hyperbole
I want design to realign
compassion and humanity

I feel a sense of urgency
for massive change and unity
A great rebirth on venue Earth
Oh what an opportunity!

From daily art to poetry,
analysis and strategy
what I produce must e’er reduce
our self-destructive tendency



Miles Seiden

A (com)passionate creative consultant for visionary organizations. Poetry, stories, opinions and wordplay for a brighter today.