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Miles Seiden
2 min readMar 21


Of longing and leaning in

Pen, marker and digital drawing by author

Virgule Unicode propped himself against a wall, arms folded. Peering at the horizon, he traced the deckled edge of day as it gave way to night.

“Hey, Twig. Mind if I join you?”

He’d barely turned his head before Caesura inclined beside him. Caesura, that irresistible separatrix he’d known forever. The only one who could call him that. The only one who could slip between his thoughts.

“Sure. Just having a break, Cae.”

“Well, thanks for being inclusive. I could also use a pause. Or a chat.”

Twig smiled awkwardly, a one-sided kink that reset his one-sided wrinkle. He hesitated before he spoke. “Seems like…every time I try to put words together, they end up disjointed. I’m this solo ‘and’ in a world of ‘or’s, and still can’t quite leave a mark.” He sighed. “Maybe I’m not leaning into my purpose enough.”

“Hey, cut that out. You should take it easier on yourself.” Cae pulled a zig from her pocket, lit it, and inspired. “You’re the best connector I know.”

“Really? Are you punct-ing me?”

“Not at all! Actually, that’s why I came out here. I’m sorry it took me so long. I backslashed with the wrong crowd for years, touring with strikethroughs, separators and line-breakers. Either/or types. But you’ve always been forward-thinking.”

“Wow.” Twig’s heart was pounding like a cat on a keyboard. Everything seemed brighter, more lyrical. Was this really happening? “I’ve been…”

“Waiting for me to say that? I know. Punctual as always.” Cae looked uncharacteristically nervous. “I felt it, too. Just needed some time to come around. To put less space between us.”

Twig uncrossed his arms and brought Caesura into them. “I’ve loved you since our first conjunction,” he said.

She smiled and stroked his face. “No more fine print or inky hearts. I love you, too.” They kissed, finally shifting into a solidus.

As Twig/Cae embraced their new path together, little lit ellipses pockmarked the deepening sky. All seemed right IRL and URL.



Miles Seiden

A (com)passionate creative and consultant for visionary organizations. Here to help unify a divided humanity and restore planetary harmony.