Miles Seiden

The tropes of ill willing cybertherianthropes

Fangtooth public domain image:, inverted and treated by author

Scroll soulless trolls’ posts
for pompous opuses of
polarizing prose

Groggy, slog-fogged troglodytes
who flog blogs agog

might force a Trojan (sea)horse
through your data gates

Shellfish scammers seek
out net breaches to leech off

ID thieves leave wakes
of swiped CCs, pilfered PINs
and temp-faked IPs

Malicious missives
permit spear phishing types to
go in for the krill

Catfish falsify
face facts to reel and deal in
real pain or vain gain

Cyberbullies are
sadistic, distance-dissing

Amoral anglers
dangle lanterns to lure prey
toward greedy gullets

Creepers solicit
explicitly illicit
ick activities

Bottom feeders prize
society’s detritus
as excreted treats



A poetic, post-wash processing of persistent inputs

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash, cropped and rotated by author

Sense ability
discerns obscure nonsense from
transcendent essence

Immovable views
without concrete objectives
are just petrified

Pliant minds outlie
the weight of straight timelines with
spline-aligned design

Lazy, vaguely phrased
statements finagle ways to
sway blurred worldview herds

Wise mediators
moderate gist misreads and
meditate on ‘why’s

Mystical mind’s eyes
sear invisible visions
into seers’ psyches

Beware the mindfield
of wound-up blowups caused by
cognitive missteps

Lies besmog skies and
notions mar oceans ’til thoughts
turn to habitats

Find kind reminders
in the lined-paper binders
of a younger time



Senryus for conscientious conversationalists

Image by author built from icons by emilegraphics on Nounproject

grooves most when curious ears
hear more than mouths move

Avow outlooks out-
side of dugout outrage to
reroute bad-mouthing

prefer tense lexical pre-
tense over content

Have an ever-how-
ever friend who ifs and buts
between hems and haws?

My base theory is…
“What can I help you with, Miles?”
Not right now, Siri.

Don’t let convos be
conveyor belts of baggage,
boasting and bitching

Autocorrect tech
wrecks sender intent with
vexed, perplexing texts

If only ethos
could persuade cessation of
uninformed say-so

Estranged players stage
betrayal exchanges in
pained, deranged rages

Wiki Way word nerds
weave etymon fronds into
lexicon unions



Burn that mutha down

3D image by SIMON LEE on Unsplash, with color adjustments by author

Ego goes gaga
for attention through social
mentions a-go-go

Lo the lone noble
who’s whos whose non-wool-pulls are
no-bull vocal gold

“Pshaw!” they drawled, quaffing
tundra thaw coladas through
wanton logic straws

Pure self-reflection
blooms in deep pools of ‘I’ love
not narcissism

Spiral dynamics
describes the us we ours rise
from I me mine

Crowley’s rowdy crowd
donned Dawn togs as was their wont
to do what one willed

Our export customs
include idiocy and

Scholars shaved Freud’s mind
model of psyche’s portions
into an iceberg

Ego rides backwards
in the omega bogey
haunting the alpha



Self-evident sentiments for sentient citizens

Photo by Ryunosuke Kikuno on Unsplash, rotated and edited by author

Diplomacy is
two-fold — global ‘forpol’ goals
’n’ eye-roll control.

princely poli-folly trawled

Congress has become
a three-ring cirque bereft of
checks and balances.

Separation of
commerce and state could repair
our declination.

Justice isn’t just
a slap-down for a slip-up.
It must be upheld.

U.S. policy:
by executive order
ping-pong politics.

is present even as press
pulls the poles apart.

Inhale to the chief
Exhale to the citizen
Breathe as one, country

Sour is the power
‘unaccountable’ for our
democracy’s death.

Our hour of ascent
has descended upon us —
Empowerment now!



Existentially beside myself

Composite of photos by Arun Clarke and Serhii Tyaglovsky on Unsplash

I was am will be
as you were are becoming
two in-tense beings.

A soul is essence
dressed in fleshy vestments and
symbol-stamp-soled shoes.

Reflection shows me
my mirror reality’s
a plane illusion.

Compliments of Source,
the course of existence is

Of all the self-cen-
sored people I’ve met, I’ll miss
my *bleep* discourse most.

Wake-to-sleep bounds bind
the fragile fiber terms of
our trembling timelines.

My necrobio
might go like so: “Once aflow,
though to-fro no mo’.”

What is there to seek
except evolution re-
directed keenly?

Ever on the verge
of purchase, I curb splurges
with asymptote bags.

Verily there is
me tapping eternity.
Life is but a gleam.



Miles Seiden

Miles Seiden

A (com)passionate creative and consultant for visionary organizations. Here to help unify a divided humanity and restore planetary harmony.