The tropes of ill willing cybertherianthropes

Fangtooth public domain image:, inverted and treated by author

Scroll soulless trolls’ posts
for pompous opuses of
polarizing prose

Groggy, slog-fogged troglodytes
who flog blogs agog

might force a Trojan (sea)horse
through your data gates

Shellfish scammers seek
out net breaches to leech off

ID thieves leave wakes
of swiped CCs, pilfered PINs
and temp-faked IPs

Malicious missives
permit spear phishing types to
go in for the krill

Catfish falsify
face facts to reel and deal in
real pain or vain gain

Cyberbullies are
sadistic, distance-dissing

Amoral anglers
dangle lanterns to lure prey
toward greedy gullets

Creepers solicit
explicitly illicit
ick activities

Bottom feeders prize
society’s detritus
as excreted treats



Miles Seiden

A (com)passionate creative and consultant for visionary organizations. Here to help unify a divided humanity and restore planetary harmony.